Dealership Photography Consulting


It's no surprise that most people shop with their eyes. Today with consumers using the internet more and more each year, visits to the dealerships to see multiple vehicles with their own eyes is a thing of the past. According to a 2016 CNBC article, car buyers are only visiting an average of 1.6 dealerships per purchase, which means most people see what they want online and then come in with intent to purchase that vehicle.

Your online photos serve as the first, and most important, sales team member of your dealership. High quality photography generates more quality leads from potential customers and can separate your inventory from all of the other listings out there on sites like AutoTrader and


Our services can help you maximize your impact in the online marketplace so your cars get noticed more easily, generate more quality leads to your sales team and sell faster and for closer to asking price.


We evaluate your current photo process and offer solutions for:

  • Equipment and photo area/studio set up at your location.
  • Photo process, camera and lighting training for your staff.
  • Post processing techniques and graphic logos.
  • Marketing optimization (SEO/Social Media)


In just a matter of a few days, you can give your inventory the facelift it needs to kick your sales numbers into overdrive. If you are focused on quality driven results numbers, look no further. 


We can also help you boost your marketing efforts. With website SEO quality evaluation, social media marketing and more, we can help make sure everyone knows where they should come for the best cars and best prices in town.


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Services starting at $799*


*travel fees may apply.